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Naturopathic Functional Medicine

Many health practitioners, including conventional care providers, are getting on the functional / wellness / integrative bandwagon.  Itís an alternative to the conventional assembly line care model and works better for many people, especially those with chronic conditions.  We congratulate practitioners that are taking this important step in offering services that improve the health and well-being of patients and our communities.  We differentiate ourselves in that wellness and natural healing has always been at the core of our services and original Naturopathic Medical School training.  Naturopathic Medicine (term coined in 1892, see Naturopathic Principles and Therapeutic Order at the bottom of our FAQ page) predates the emergence of Functional Medicine (concept created in 1990) by many decades and is the real deal.  We did not start with a professional conventional training background and just take one wellness seminar (like a functional medicine seminar) and call ourselves an functional / wellness / integrative expert, it takes many year of study, training and practice to be a true expert.  We are sought out and get results because we are knowledgeable and have many years of experience in natural medicine.  We spend a generous amount of time with each person carefully crafting an individualized / targeted treatment plan based on evaluation of their current and historical physical, genetic, environmental, and lifestyle status.  We treat people like their health concerns are important, even in special or unusual circumstances.  Our most proactive patients get the best outcomes.  We welcome their questions, address their health concerns, and if they have already done research on their condition (such as on the internet or in support groups), help them prioritize, individualize and safely sort through options or conflicting information.  We are happy to help guide and educate them about the steps necessary to take their health back into their own hands.

CranialSacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation

A gentle hands on treatment to help assist your body to release areas that are tight or not moving optimally.  Areas include the Fascial, Musculoskeletal and Organ Systems.

Neuromodulation Technique (NMT)

An advanced system of medicine that identifies and corrects the informational and energetic source of illness Ė the confusion that can interrupt our innate healing mechanisms.  Conventional medicine would describe this as a mind-body type therapy.  We usually provide this treatment in combination with CranialSacral Therapy.  


We do constitutional homeopathic assessment and treatment.  Homeopathy is a system of "like cures like" medicine using ultra dilute substances to treat symptoms the remedy itself would actually cause if it were not dilute.  Homeopathy is a very safe, convenient, comfortable, cost effective, and when used correctly, effective form of treatment used by over 200 million people around the world.  Unlike pharmaceuticals it has virtually no side effects so it can be used by even the most sensitive people!  Some people have concerns about the effectiveness of homeopathy.  We recommend that they review this resource:  Research on Homeopathy.  Our clinical experience has been that if people have had ineffective experiences with homeopathy in the past they were given or chose the wrong remedy!  The key is to find a skilled homeopath who can help you find the correct remedy, and we think that we'll be able to help you do that.  We take pride in the number of homeopathy skeptics we've been able to convert (and non-skeptics who just got amazing results by following the treatment recommendations)!  Homeopathy either works or it doesn't, and unlike some pharmaceuticals that can cover a range of symptoms and conditions, there is very little in-between or overlap with remedy selection, it must be the exact one.  The selection must be individualized and must match you entirely as a person (physical symptoms, constitutional tendencies, and personality).   We will still treat you Naturopathically, if you don't want to do homeopathy for whatever reason, but we don't recommend it (don't miss out on the benefits!).      

Special Diets and Nutrition

We will take a thorough history of your condition as well as what you are currently eating and make specific nutritional recommendations for you. In general we recommend our patients eat an array of whole foods (minimally processed foods in their natural form), but we will customize our recommendations for you taking into consideration all of your personal and nutritional needs. We work with many people who follow specific diets including: Paleo, GAPS, Specific Carbohydrate, FODMAPS, Low Carb, Anti-Candida, High Protein, Raw, *Vegan, *Vegetarian, Weston Price, Daniel Plan, Whole 30, Feingold, Anti-inflammatory, Specific food avoidance / Elimination diets due to Allergies and or Sensitivities (especially gluten and dairy).

*only in rare cases do we recommend vegetarian or vegan diets for medical reasons.  We do however support those who choose to safely follow these diets for ethical or other reasons.  

Naturopathic Counseling

We give expert wellness and lifestyle recommendations based on your individual needs to help you feel your best.

Environmental Detoxification

The science is indisputable, we live in a toxic world and it is affecting your health and well being. Common sources of toxicity include mold and other biotoxins from water damaged buildings, heavy metals, hormone disruptors, VOCs, herbicides, and pesticides. If indicated by your history and physical exam, we can test for your total body burden of toxicity (including laboratory and alternative forms of testing). If you are toxic we can customize a safe and effective detoxification program for you, including oral chelation therapy for confirmed heavy metal toxicity and cholestyramine for mold biotoxins. if you have significant concerns about toxin exposure, detoxification, and chemical sensitivity please fill out our  Environmental Toxic Exposure and Chemical Sensitivity Questionnaire  Ē (in addition to our regular Intake Form ) and bring to your first appointment.

Herbal Medicine

We do customized herbal prescribing for you based on your specific needs. We have expert knowledge in herb safety and herb-drug interactions so we can make a formula that is safe for you.

Prescription Medications and Hormone Management

We would like to help you be free of medications if it is safe and possible. We have helped many of our patients reduce or get off of their prescription medications entirely with effective natural treatments. However, there are some circumstances where the health of a person has become so imbalanced that prescription medication is the best choice possible. So, if it is indicated, we can make customized prescriptions, from a holistic perspective, for your unique situation.  Conditions that we make customized prescriptions for include vitamin deficiency, mold toxicity (CIRS), hypothyroidism, menopause and other hormone imbalances.  The hormone prescriptions we offer include bio-identical estrogen, bio-identical progesterone, and natural or synthetic thyroid hormones.  In addition, we also offer Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), home vitamin injection prescriptions, and colestyramine (as a toxin binder) where indicated.  Please note that our clinic has chosen not to prescribe DEA controlled substances (including Testosterone).  This means that if you need a prescription for a DEA controlled substance you must get it from another provider.  Please see our Prescription Medication Policy for more details.

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