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Meet Dr. Kim

Oregon Naturopathic Clinicís Naturopathic Physician
Kimberly Foster N.D.

Kimberly Foster N.D. is committed to assisting people like you improve their physical, mental and spiritual health so that they can live the best quality life possible.  Her interest in natural healing began when she learned first hand that natural medicine was often times more effective in resolving health conditions than conventional medicine.  After working through some of her own health challenges, she became inspired to devote her lifeís work to helping others overcome their own health challenges through natural medicine.

Doctor Kim received a bachelorís of science degree with a double major in General Science (Pre-Medicine) and Psychology at the University of Oregon in 2003 and a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University in 2008.  She is a licensed Naturopathic Physician in the State of Oregon.  You can learn more about Doctor Kimís professional training and experience here.

In her practice, Doctor Kim takes a personal interest in each patient, taking time to listen to their concerns and educating them about their options for care.  She works with her patients to find acceptable solutions to their problems.  She has helped many patients resolve their health concerns.

A Eugene Oregon native, Doctor Kim enjoys being an active member of this beautiful community.  She also likes spending time with her husband, daughter and son, taking care of her dogs and cats, praying, being involved in the church community, reading, organic gardening, raising chickens, organic cooking, biking and hiking.

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