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Why Choose Oregon Naturopathic Clinic?

We offer a natural alternative to the conventional assembly line care model.  We spend a generous amount of time during your visits getting to know you and your health status.  We have many years of training and experience in natural and evidence based medicine.  Using this approach we have helped many of our patients just like you resolve their health concerns.

We accept and can bill your insurance if your plan covers our services.  If you don't have insurance we offer payment at time of service discounts.  Please schedule a free 15 minute consultation so we can answer your questions to see if we are right for you.

We can diagnose, treat, and manage many health conditions.  We see men and women of all ages.  We can be your professional Natural Healthcare Specialist.

After thoroughly evaluating your health status, we carefully craft an individualized and targeted treatment plan using a variety of natural treatments.

Along with treating you as a whole person, we specialize in treating many acute and chronic health conditions.

Learn About Our Personalized Care

The additional time we spend with you during your visits allows us to carefully craft a targeted treatment plan for your individual situation.  We want to get to know you and listen to your concerns so we can provide you with the best care possible.  We will work with you to try and find acceptable options to address your health concerns.

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